Instructions So Simple, It’ll Make Watch Care Feel “Automatic”

Hello, watch-lovers! Want to get the scoop on basic care for an automatic watch? Here are some easy tips to remember:

1.) Wear it often

This is pretty straight forward. Wearing your automatic watch keeps it wound, which keeps it healthy.

2.) Keep it Wound

When you’re not wearing it, if you have the option to wind it—wind it! And don’t be afraid to “overwind” your watch. That is a myth that has been perpetuated by conjecture and anecdotes. All you have to do is wind it until it stops and you’ll be doing great!
However, if your automatic watch does not have a way to wind it manually, be sure to find a watch winder to keep it wound (if at all possible). The longer you keep your watch sitting—without running—the more likely it is to not start again. This leads me to the next step.

3.) Have it maintained

Most watch manufacturers suggest getting your automatic watch maintained every 5-10 years, at least. But if you’re wearing it quite a bit and are giving it a good amount of wear and tear (working, running, climbing, fist brawling, fishing, outdoorsing, etc..) you should have the works looked at about every 1-2 years to keep things running on time; The movement inside of the automatic watch can be touchy if the watch gets bumped and shaken frequently (no matter how good the manufacturing is).

Thanks for checking out these tips today—which are by no means comprehensive in their detail. However, they should help in the basic care and maintenance of your beautiful time peace.

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